Eeeeeeeeeeek….there’s a MOUSE in the house!

Recently, I was minding my own business, when out of the corner of my eye I saw something, little and dark, with what looked like a tail…dart across my path!!! The thought of a mouse taking up residence in my house  stopped me, DEAD in my tracks….Eeeeeeekimage!! I was literally paralyzed with fear as I frantically plotted my next move.  Thank goodness I had socks on, but …FOR THE LOVE OF……where were my shoes?!!!!  If I could only get to them, I would at least be safe from any attack to my exposed feet!!  “OK…..SERIOUSLY Sheryl,” as I asked myself, “are you REALLY letting this tiny thing frighten you, beyond reason?”

Fear often stops us from taking the next step, getting that new job,  living the dream we have in our heart, or maybe tackling finances or weight.  If we take that leap of faith and listen to our hearts and just jump, the fear may be nothing more than a distant memory.

That big scary mouse may turn out to be just a little furry annoyance; wanna take that leap of faith with me?  Let’s jump……….GERONIMO!






….feeding the soul ❤️

This past weekend was a “Pay it Forward” movement. If you have ever been a recipient of a random act of kindness, you know how amazing passing it on feels.  My girlfriend and I wanted to be part of it, and our first thought was to help people in our own community; but within a few hours we spread kindness where ever the adventure took us.

imageWe were surprised at some reactions, which frankly, brought us to tears. One elderly woman in particular was so taken back by offering to pay for her groceries, she tried to give us money in return. I had gotten choked up and didn’t see her reaction, but Diane witnessed her grace and thankfulness to two strangers she most likely would never see again.

Another young couple squealed in delight as we had offered a small token; it was as if they had won the lottery or something much greater than we had shared. Enthusiastically, they told us they would be passing it on.  Humbling us…….so little, meant so much to this young couple we wouldn’t stumble upon again.

More reactions were similar as the day went on.  We had ear to ear smiles when we witnessed someone paying it forward when they didn’t see us watching.

We may have only done a few random acts of kindness that day, but what was given back to us was ten-fold. Our souls were fed and our hearts were full. We are already planning our next “Pay it Forward” adventure.



It’s 4:45 am and like most weekday mornings, I  am jolted out of bed by my trusty alarm. It’s not a pleasant, wake me up gently sound, but rather a loud and annoying ……. BAMP………BAMP…….BAMP.  You’d think a person would get used to it after so many occurrences, but not this girl. Normally, I lay there willing myself to get up and start my morning routine.

With the start of the new year, and taking it day by imageday; I am mixing up my mornings as well.  Part of each new day begins with doing things just for me. I am taking a few moments to set my intentions for the day, read a daily devotional (a beautiful gift from my son’s girlfriend) and take a vitamin before I plant a foot on the floor.

By setting my intentions, it gives me a wonderful feeling of self-care and soul nourishment. Whatever your daily rituals are, make them sacred and non-negotiable, then be open to receive what the universe has to offer. Affirming our own “awesomeness” is a gift worth sharing with the world.



Can I get a Hail Mary and an AMEN???

imageIt’s that time of year when the kids head back to school after the holiday break….can I get a HAIL MARY and an AMEN??  It’s both a blessing and a curse……huh?  All kidding aside, I love when my daughter comes home from college, but I dread it at the same time too! She is independent at school, can come and go as she pleases; but that doesn’t work so well when she comes home.  Let me rephrase that….it doesn’t work so well for me.  I am a worry-wart by “mom-ly” nature and want to know she is safe on my watch.  I can’t tell you why it is so different when she is at school, but it is.

We usually come to a compromise, both secretly wishing we had it our way; but making a workable situation for mother and daughter.  As parents, we think we have prepared our children to be responsible adults, but when they really are, we wish we still had all the control.  Somewhat reluctantly… my little bird, fly.

This almost empty-nesting gig is hard; I am guessing many of you feel the same.




One day resolution…….say WHAT????

Every January first we get a new chance to start fresh, a legitimate free pass….gotta get me a clean slate, year. No one judges or questions our good intentions as we set our goals and make our resolutions. It is always the promise of this year being the best EVER!

Well friends, I am mixing it up this year and my goal is simply this…drumroll please……a one day resolution! Yep, you heard it right; I am taking it one day at a time. No worrying about tomorrow, next week or next month; just focusing on today.

That seems doable, right? Guess what….all those “day at a time moments” can string together and accomplish greatness; but no worries. Today is all I need…….who’s with me?