This week I had the pleasure of joining the Special Recreation Group from the local park district, for a field trip to an indoor driving range.  I was invited as a volunteer helper, but was also encouraged to bring my clubs to practice my swing.  I had no idea what to expect from the night, but was willing to participate in the adventure.

As I made my way onto the bus, clunky clubs in tow, one of the young men said “Hey, you’re new, I’ve never seen you before.” I replied, “You’re right, hi, my name is Sheryl, what’s yours?”  Without hesitation, we shook hands, and just that easy, I was accepted as part of the group.  There were four young gentlemen, all placing their clubs in the back of the bus, each one was wonderfully unique and special.

One young man was very quiet and reserved but was having a good time.  His demeanorimage was subdued, but he still remained an intricate part of the group. The other three were more out spoken but they all showed respect for one another.  They valued what everyone in the group had to say.  They even encouraged me when I had long drives, making me feel included and welcome.

As the night flew by we enjoyed a meal together.  The conversation was light and hopeful of the upcoming golf season and self-confidence in their improved  golf game.  The bus ride home was filled with laughter and cheer.

Why do we often shy away from people that are different from us? Is it fear of the unknown? Taking the time to learn about our differences can enrich our lives. When I first boarded the bus with my clunky clubs in tow, I had no idea I would encounter pure and complete joy from these young men. They accepted me as I was, no questions, no judgements, and I quickly became part of their team.

Making the time to get to know people that are different from each of us is worth the investment.  I am so glad I boarded that little bus, and said yes to the adventure, my heart has expanded a little more.


Finding grace

Accepting compliments and gifts has always been a challenge for me.  I am not sure why, because I love making people feel special, whether it’s by caring, giving a compliment, listening, or even sharing a small token; but turn the tables on me and I retreat.

Recently, I was scheduled to have have coffee with imagetwo of my girlfriends at a local coffee shop.  However, when I showed up, another friend had also joined, making it four.  Suddenly, before I had the chance to digest what was occurring around me, balloons appeared, and more friends began filing in.  I must have looked like I lost my mind, because I couldn’t wrap my head around why my friends, from different circles, surrounded my table.  I was speechless and for the life of me, thought this must be some sort of mistake.  It wasn’t my birthday, or Mother’s Day, or even Sweetest Day……….OH…it must be “You’re an Awesome Friend Day”.  “Ummmmm……wait, that holiday doesn’t exist, does it?”

As it turns out they were celebrating ME! Yep……ME! My friends and family were so excited that I was sharing my gift and starting this blog, they wanted to show their grace, love and support by coming together to present me with money for a new computer (which had recently died).  You can’t imagine my surprise and shock in the events that took place in orchestrating such an act of love and kindness for me, including those special souls that weren’t able to join the celebration in person.

imageRevel in the things people do to make you feel special and loved every day. Accept them with grace and gratitude and understand it is out of love, and nothing more.  In return, share that same love and grace with others in your life.




Love is in the air

I adore this time during the month of February, and the thought of Valentine’s Day with all things pink and red.  My eyes gloss over when I see little glimpses of Cupid’s day, while passing by store displays.  I quickly get drawn in, and think I MUST have it, or surely someone in my life does! My shopping basket starts to fill until I am jolted back to my senses, and usually put half of the merchandise back.image

Although I love to buy little things to let people in my life know they are special, it’s showing them kindness and love everyday that really counts.  How often do we take the time to tell someone they matter, or how much we love and appreciate them? I certainly think it, but need to say the words out loud more frequently.

So, on this all things pink and red holiday, I want to express my love, gratitude, and appreciation to my children, my parents, my brothers and sister, as well as my entire extended family, and my fabulous friends…..thank you for making my heart happy; I love you.




Inspiration….come and get it

imageIf you are looking for a bit of inspiration; look no further.  This young man (my nephew) has inspired many, and has not let a devastating spinal cord injury define him.  Paralyzed from the waist down since 2011 has not stopped him from pursuing his dream of winning gold at the X-Games in January of this year.

His first X-Games experience  produced a bronze, his second resulted in silver; but the SnoCross racer was not satisfied until he brought home the gold.  It took passion, hard work, perseverance, and determination.

We all possess the ability for greatness and living our dreams, big or small.  Find someone that inspires you to be the best you, and live life like you mean it.  Know you are made for moments of greatness, then go out and inspire others. Your dream is only an inspiration away.


Photo: Crystal Wallem Photography