……..in the blink of an eye

Did you ever notice the older you get the faster time seems to fly, almost like you were standing still? Some days I feel like life is passing me by, and it’s as if I am watching from the sidelines and can’t make it stop.   That’s when I have to pause, take stock, and remember to live in the present; not the past or the future.  I have to remind myself to stop rushing into tomorrow.

This past week, my family was invited to my Mom’s cousin’s, 90th birthday party in California.  For those unable to attend in person, a video chat was set up as a way to join and become part of the celebration.  Technology afforded us the luxury of being there, without actually being there.

There was also a slideshow of the birthday boy’s life; with oodles of pictures.  The photos were a wonderful example of him living in the moment, day after day, and year after year.  His life has been full of new adventures, experiences, people, and places; supported by a loving family and many friends.  I thought how lucky we were to be able to celebrate his life, and connect with relatives from across the  country.image

Our lives can be full and rich as the birthday boy.  We each have our own story so make every day count.

Today is what we have; make the most of it. Treasure every minute because……….. it will be gone in the blink of an eye.



….hello sunshine ☀️

With spring being just around the corner, I am more than ready for it to begin.  If you live in the Midwest, you know how long the winter season lasts.  The daylight can be short and the lack of sunshine can be brutal on your mood.

With thigh-high snow banks, I thought winter would never end……and then POOF……..just like that…….we had a warm spell, and greenish-brown grass appeared from beneath the snow covered earth. Though staying full of promise for the new spring can be challenging at times, when sunshine isn’t a regular part of your day.image

However, on the flip side, have you ever been around a person that no matter what the season is, always beams like a sun-shiny day?  It brightens my mood, no matter what, and makes me realize how much I have to celebrate.  It can quickly turn my doubt into hope, and I too, find myself beaming like the sun.  I am drawn to positive people; they will lift you up, if you allow their sunshine to spread over you.

Let their sun-shiny gladness marinate within your soul, and then spread that warmth where ever you go.  Things seem brighter and hope appears.  Notice what a difference it makes in your day, and the ripple effect it has on others.

So, the next time you feel dreary and dull, find one of those “sun-shiny” friends, and say “hello, Sunshine”, you’ll be glad you did.



…..by land, air and sea

This week, my dear friends watched as their oldest son  left for the United States Marine Corps.  His mom was filled with mixed emotions, including those of pride and fear.  Her son will spend the next several weeks in boot camp across the country, and it will be months before they hug again.

As a mother, I often wonder how I would feel if my son or daughter signed up to serve our country.  I must admit, I would be apprehensive and fearful for their safety, even though at the same time I would be filled with pride.  My heart goes out to those that watch their loved ones leave with just the clothes on their back, and trust and pray they will be safe.

I admire those that serve(d) in all the armed forces and sacrifice(d) themselves every day to keep our soil safe.  I  feel gratitude and appreciation for the families and loved ones of those men and women that serve(d).  Thank you for your faith, courage and strength.image

It’s an honor to know this young man that will serve our country, and keep this land safe.  As a Marine he will defend by land, by air and by sea and will live by honor, courage and commitment.  Who wouldn’t want that for their child? Justin, this one’s for you…….OORAH!


Listen up

“LISTEN UP”……is something I am working on in this new year.  How often do we listen to our head rather than our heart?  With this yeimagear’s resolution and taking things day by day, I find myself trusting my heart more.

Even though I consider myself a spiritual person, I often get in my own way, and stuck in my head, which is filled with worry and fear, instead of leading with my heart. Listening to my head holds me back from my true gifts and potential. When I make a conscious effort to really listen with my heart, I can feel a shift and the rhythm of my life seems to fall in place.

Don’t get me wrong, trusting my heart and listening doesn’t mean things are magically easy or always make sense, but they somehow fit together in my life.  Maybe not today or tomorrow, but it always fits.  I may not like some of the challenges put before me, but I know it’s a mountain or hill I must climb. Praying and asking for guidance is always needed.

How do I listen to my heart? I pray, and hope, and dream, and then be open to receive the blessings or feelings about a situation. The struggle is keeping myself from falling into old patterns and back into my head.

So…….for now, I’ll keep praying, hoping and dreaming and listening to my heart; are you up to the challenge?……Then listen up.