Imperfectly Charming


As we say good-bye to 2015 and hello to 2016, I wanted to thank you for following my journey back to me. One of my gifts I have uncovered is connecting with hearts through this blog, and I am grateful for each of you. Whether you’ve stopped by once, twice, occasionally, or on a regular basis, it is my hope I have touched your heart in some way.

As humans, we are connected by our vulnerabilities and imperfections….these things are what makes each one of us imperfectly, perfect. We are exactly where we are supposed to be in this exact moment. However, like most, at times I worry, experience fear, feel vulnerable, and question myself, but because of my willingness to be open to what the universe has to offer, I am less fearful and more hopeful about life and love.

If you struggle with realizing your gifts, be still and listen. Pray, hope, or dream, then be open to receive any blessings with gratitude. If you know what your gifts are, share them with the world… only you can do. I’ll continue to share my words, as I uncover more of me.

In this shiny new year……be present, dwell in the possibilities, listen to your heart, connect with your soul, invite love in, and shine. Each one of us has a unique light to share….let it sparkle, because you are, without a doubt….imperfectly charming.




The perfect gift

Buying gifts for my Dad is challenging, when asked what he wants the answer is usually “It’s not necessary to get me a gift” or “I don’t need a thing.” This Christmas was no exception. The only thing my Dad could come up with was t-shirts, but oh, by the way “Your sister already took that idea.” Drat!

Amazingly enough, I didn’t have to think long before I came up with the perfect gift……time together. He has always loved flowers and the Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory in Milwaukee. We have gone several times over the years, but he never tires of those three domes.


At the last minute my Mom wasn’t able to join us, so it would be a special daddy/daughter day. We arrived at the domes with no agenda, no real time constraint other than a lunch reservation, but we had plenty of time to enjoy each area. The first dome was a tropical rain forest which was humid and lush green. imageWe took our time to notice the exotic flowers, trees and plants. He would uncover something I hadn’t seen and visa versa, as we shared our discoveries.

The next dome was the desert, arid and unlike the lush green from the humid tropical dome, but it had it’s share of green from America and Africa. imageCacti was abundant, as were signs telling visitors to keep away from the prickly surface. We noticed the wide variety of plants that weren’t familiar to us.

It was on to the final dome, by far both our favorite, and the one we always save for last; the show dome, which hosts seasonal and holiday exhibits. We knew it would be spectacular and it didn’t disappoint. Brilliant shades of green, red, pink and white filled the room, along with a beautiful Christmas tree and gingerbread houses lining the walk. imageWe wandered and sat, over and over again until we covered the room from every possible angle. We saw something new at each location, while we talked about the beauty of the color along with normal conversation.

We ended our special time with a delicious meal, and were treated like we were the most important people in the restaurant, as I suspect every other person felt the same way. The service was wonderful and the food spectacular, which included lobster, one of my Dad’s favorites.

Our day was memorable in every way, and this daddy’s girl is grateful for the special memories and precious time…..the perfect gift. Merry Christmas, Daddy!

Wishing you and yours a blessed holiday season, give someone you love the gift of time.



star light, star bright….

Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight, wish I may, wish I might….have this wish, I wish tonight. I love this saying and have whispered it many times over the years as I gaze up into a dark sky at night, while millions of stars sparkle back at me.

I was invited away for a weekend to Door County, Wi. The first night coming back to the cabin, the air was crisp with a slight bite of the upcoming winter, and the sky was pitch dark. As I glanced up, it almost took my breath away; just from the beauty of the contrast between the blackish, navy sky and the millions of brilliant, twinkling stars. I could hardly pull my eyes away from the universe above my head, back to the earth below my feet.

imageAt first, stepping out of the car, the night sky was deceiving, my eyes hadn’t adjusted, and all I could see was darkness. I couldn’t make out any shapes or forms in front of me, which made me feel a bit uneasy. Focusing on the darkness made the effort to navigate more difficult.

Everyone faces difficulties and darkness at one time or another, and sometimes can’t get past what is first seen. If we can look beyond the darkness for a brief moment, we may catch a glimpse of a twinkling star. Once a star is visible you begin to look for more, until suddenly it’s no longer dark, and looking up, the light appears.

If I hadn’t looked up into the sky that night, I never would have seen all the possibilities sparkling back at me. Next time you gaze into a dark sky and see a twinkling star….whisper, star light, star bright and feel the light beaming within your heart.



Tis the season

It’s hard to believe we are already into the second week of December. Usually by now, all my holiday decorations are up, and my house is looking festive. To date, I haven’t hung a single stocking or trimmed a single tree. But, there’s one thing different about this year from the last twenty-two….there’s no advent calendar hanging in the kitchen.

Each year since my son was two, I have hung a hand made, advent tree for my children to enjoy, which has evolved over the years to the most current one……still tucked away. Reluctantly, last year I decided it would be the final showing for the long standing tradition. It was a sad, but overdue decision; my kids were growing up.

Every day from December first, all the way to Christmas morning, a clever clue and some sort of a present was given. It took a great deal of planning, preparation, creativity, and coordination, but the joy I received watching my children’s wonder and anticipation, made it worth the effort.


When they were little, one of their favorite days was ice cream for breakfast, or when they could drink soda all day.  This was a big deal since I rarely kept it in the house, but what they loved most was they didn’t have to ask. We also had the tradition of meeting special friends every year that morphed from milk and donuts to casual dinners. I am happy to report this tradition remains intact. If we had a snowstorm, it was build a snowman together, and come inside for hot cocoa and marshmallows, or jump in the car and search for all the best holiday lights.

I wonder if not hanging the advent tree on December first has anything to do with me not hanging a stocking or trimming a tree. It feels like the end of an era, and I find myself remembering the past. As I was writing this post, my son and I were sharing stories and remembering. He was always better than my daughter at guessing the clues, which has become a joke over the years between the three of us.

Even though the advent tree isn’t present this year, the feeling in our hearts remain. I know I have given them wonderful memories to share for future generations. Who knows, the advent tree may make another appearance one day, when the time is right. Traditions may change over the years, and I do believe it’s time to create new ones. After all…..tis the season.