More than just rice

The company I work for believes in giving back, and employees have several opportunities to get involved with different organizations throughout the year. Most recently, it was to help an organization called Feed My Starving Children, and I volunteered to participate.


The organization provides food for mal-nourished children in 70 countries costing only $0.22 a meal. The food packs, also know as manna, provide a hot meal the children wouldn’t have otherwise. The meals we packed were made of rice, soy protein, dried vegetables, vitamins, minerals and nutrients for growing children.

There were several stations around the room and each area represented a certain country; my group supported the Philippines. It gave us something to focus our efforts on and provided a purpose. There were ten to twelve people at every location and even though it wasn’t a real competition……it was a rivalry between the teams…..who could pack the most meals. Each team would yell a clever saying to get additional supplies, such as boxes and food. I was the heat-sealer and packer of my group; making sure to close the bag in just the right location, insert into the machine, press down and ……Wa-La…..thirty to a box.


This went on like clockwork for the next two hours, while lively music played. We laughed, sang, bellowed for supplies and bragged to the teams nearby, claiming to complete the highest number of boxes. At the end of the shift, we gathered together to bless the food and pray for its safe arrival.

As we paraded back into the initial gathering space, a presentation was displayed with the number of lives we would touch in the coming weeks. Seeing the efforts of our labor made it worth while. Everyone left with a humble heart, for it was much more than just rice…….it was for humanity.




dear stress

While recently visiting a loved one in the hospital, my sister, mom and I were meandering through the gift shop looking for treasures while we waited. I stumbled across a wooden sign that actually made me laugh out loud, it read….dear stress, let’s break up. I thought it was both funny and clever. Too often I let stress control my day, and then get irritated with myself for letting it happen….causing more stress…”OH, for the love of”.

When I read the funny but poignant sign, it was a reminder of how I want my days to play out…..stress-free. Or, realistically, as close to stress free as possible. So, how does a so called perfectionist learn to have less stress in her life?


Meditation is a great way to calm my fears, and mind each morning, and staying present throughout the day, connecting to my breath. Perhaps talking over different scenarios that may occur about a situation and being prepared for the worst and planning for the best. If you will let it, the universe will give you what you need. Case and point….while writing my blog post this week, I woke up in the middle of the night, 3:16 A.M. to be exact, and my to do list started swirling around in my brain…….”YO…..KNOCK IT OFF” and quit stressing….I must admit, writing this post was at the forefront of my list. Not sure why, since I’ve always finished my posts and published at the same time, without fail, for a year. What am I stressing about?…..ARGH!

Then this happened….I use different sources for my morning meditation and yesterday morning was no different. For the last month I have used the Internet  and usually have to scroll for a few minutes to find a meditation that feels right. Yesterday, I kid you not….the first thing on my screen was a stress free meditation…..WHAT? I chuckled out loud, then meditated. I love when the universe provides me what I need at the precise time I need it. What a gift I was given.

I’ll continue to look for ways to keep stress at bay and my eyes open for unexpected blessings for answered prayers. I’ve decided since stress and I have been at odds about the whole situation, I must insist ……..”dear stress, let’s break up………love, me”.


…ps, thanks Cinderella for my sign and reminder..I love it!


My one word

A few years ago, a friend had asked me what was my one word for the year…….huh? I wasn’t sure what she was talking about, but I liked the sound of it….”tell me more.” She talked about choosing a word that resonated, and felt right in my heart regarding the upcoming year. One word that would inspire me, one word I would go back to time and time again throughout the year, if not on a daily basis. One word to give the year meaning, one word only meant for me.

Her word had no special meaning to me, as my word to her. They are as individual as the people choosing them. This year started no different than the last two when picking my word, and I let the thought settle on my heart. However, not one, but two words kept coming up, and neither one seemed more important than the other. Hmmm….so I sat with those two words for a bit until the answer was clear. They each felt right, and I decided I needed both…….it was a twofer….HA!

At first they seemed to be on opposite ends of the spectrum, and I wondered what it all meant. imageThe more I thought about, and reflected on how those two words would change my life for the better, they both made perfect sense. I knew in that moment, just how important that twofer was.

My one word for the year that turned into my two words are……..”surrender” and “action”… just that order. They are my two words that will be used to set my daily intentions, and a reminder of what is important for me in this new year. Now that you know mine…..what is your one word?



three hundred sixty five

With the start of a brand spanking new year and three hundred sixty five….well actually, three hundred and fifty nine days left in 2016, what will you do with your time? Most people set goals, make resolutions, and try to make this year better then the last.

I am really working on not rushing into tomorrow, but what if you woke up today and it was 2017, a year from now? What does your life look like? Did you accomplish what you wanted in 2016. Did you make a difference? Close your eyes and see your life, your relationships, your health, your career and your finances? Are you sharing your special gifts or paying it forward? This is a new year, and the good news is……you get to decide.

imageEach day, everyone is given the same amount of time, twenty four hours, or fourteen hundred forty minutes, or eighty six thousand four hundred seconds. May this be the year you’ve been dreaming of.

As I close my eyes and see what my life looks like, it’s filled with hope, love, laughter, and possibility; as a result of listening to my heart, believing in myself, and getting out of my own way. As this new year begins, make time to follow your heart, use your passions and plan fun adventures. Be inspired and inspire others. The year gives us three hundred sixty five days……..what will you do with yours?