Bragging rights

Growing up in a household of equal girl to boy ratio, I was exposed to a good mix of “sugar and spice” and “snakes and snails”. Whether it was summer, fall, winter or spring, racing was always in our blood and lives in some way. Over the years, my Dad and brothers raced in one form or fashion mini bikes, motocross, snowmobiles or cars, and the girls were always rooting them on in spirit, if not in person.

We are also fans of watching sports on TV, including Indy and NASCAR racing, and at any family gathering there’s always talk of recent or upcoming sporting events or races. This past weekend some of the family randomly got together to watch the Dayton 500. Besides me, the line up consisted of my Mom, Dad, brother, and nephew. We took our seats in anticipation of a great race, and as the cars lined up along the track and the normal pre-race “HOOPLA” began, everyone in the room was debating and rallying on who they were rooting for.

Spirited conversation filled the air as who would be the victor of the day’s race pick winner. There was talk of money, but in the end it would come down to bragging rights. The race got underway in the sunny Florida weather, and within a short time, my Mom’s driver crashed, and the pole winner moved into thirty ninth place.

Several other crashes occurred throughout the race, including my driver, that went from thirty-eight to finish fifth. At one time during the race I looked around and noticed that everyone had temporarily nodded off. What a sweet sight that was to witness, and my heart smiled. It didn’t bother me in the least, but what mattered was we were all together feeling warm, cozy and secure…just being a family.

In the end my Dad’s driver took the checkered flag in the closest Daytona 500 race ever…….but, more important than that, he won bragging rights. I teased he should have bet money, and he laughed. Oh, how I treasure days like this and need to take the time to have more….family means everything.





GAL-entine’s Day

Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and for a single girl that could be an issue. I might feel lonely or sad, but I don’t.  It’s not that I don’t want someone incredible in my life, it’s just not the right timing. I’m busy getting ready for him, and he for me.

People, including my daughter, tell me I am too picky…..”Why, yes I am.” Why wouldn’t I be picky….I’m not expecting perfect, I’m expecting imagesomeone that’s perfectly suited for me, and me for him…’s that simple.

So, what does a single girl do on Valentine’s Day? She hangs with her girlfriends and makes the most of the occasion. Over the weekend I was invited to a “Gal”entine’s’ Day celebration with four of my girlie-gals. We could have whined and complained about not being in a relationship, but instead we celebrated life. It was a fun weekend, and as always, laughter and happiness filled the air.

As life continues to speed by, I am a busy being a parent, managing my career, spending time with friends and family, as well as going to school along with keeping other commitments. Even though life feels lonely at times, I’m not obsessing about men or the lack of being in a relationship, but instead focusing on becoming the best version of myself.

Have faith and be patient you’ll find someone perfectly suited for you. When the time is right he’ll show up in my life too, but until then, if I happen to be invited to next year’s GAL-entine’s Day celebration …..I’ll smile and say “Bring it on”. Then have a fun filled weekend with my girlie-gals.



Love letter

When it comes to Valentines’s Day, I adore everything about it, including the thought of writing love letters to special people in my life. But how often do we think about writing a love letter to ourselves? If you’re anything like me, probably next to never. This year I decided it was time.

Dear Precious Self:

You are an amazing woman, that should take the time to remind yourself daily. You’ve raised two beautiful children, both inside and out, that are kindhearted, generous and thoughtful. Both are independent, and strong enough to stand on their own. You’ve provided a home filled with love and laughter.

You are a loving mother, daughter, sister, aunt and friend. You’re witty, playful, dependable, and much stronger than you know. You have an adventurous spirit, love to laugh, and have a tender heart. Your laugh is contagious and you’re not afraid to poke fun at your wacky antics.

You try hard at most things you do, and your word means everything. Even though things may not always work out as planned, you keep your commitments. You make every effort to be giving, generous, kind and polite. You are not without faults, but that makes you imperfectly, perfect.

You are my best friend, and the one that can inspire me to be better than I was yesterday. I promise to try and remember all the wonderful things I love about you.

Love always….me

Writing a love letter to yourself may seem odd, even self-serving, but we owe it to ourselves to realize just how incredible we are. Why is it so difficult to acknowledge our awesome qualities that other people already see? Even though it was challenging to write this love letter to myself, I wanted to give the gift of self-love…..happy heart day to me.




Chasing zzzzzs…..

Last week I was chasing sleep all week long. I’d get up every morning vowing to be in bed early that night, but sleep kept eluding me for one reason or another. You know it’s bad when your first waking thought is “I can’t wait until tonight to get back in bed”.

Do you find when you don’t get enough sleep for more than a few days, things undoubtably go wrong? For instance, one day last week, I woke up at 2:30 AM never to fall back asleep, once at work I thought I had a scheduled meeting in conference room Q, only to find another meeting in progress. I tried to kick them out in a friendly manner, only to learn I was a week early, and in fact I was scheduled to be in another meeting on the other side of the building, that now I was late for……gotta run.

I also realized I left my already prepared lunch in the fridge at home and bought yogurt and a slice of cheese out of the vending machine (who knows how long they were sitting) from the cafe along with eating an apple that had been sitting on my desk for probably the last five days (which had already started the shriveling process, but was motivated by hunger to eat most of it). I must report, I’ve had tastier lunches…HA!

Once home, I had a conference call scheduled and struggled through the entire hour and six minutes….ARGH! What a day! I just want to go to bed, but oh, you have laundry to do, dinner dishes to clean, and thirty minutes of exercise you commited to your girlfriend! YAWN!

I felt my days were on repeat, again and again. Unfortunately, I don’t have a moral to this story because I need more sleep and want to lay down. So if you’re chasing zzzzzs, my advice is…..clear your calendar and run for the bed….oh how happy I’d be.

Sweet dreams