Crabbytown, USA

Do you have weeks where you find yourself in a constant, crabby mood? That happened to me last week. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was causing so much irritation. Everyone has off days, but this was kind of extreme for me; and usually doesn’t linger for long. This time I couldn’t shake it.

During my weekly mastermind meeting, as I started describing my week, one of the girls asked if besides feeling crabby was I feeling emotional, and teary-eyed as well? After considering her question and looking back on my week, it was true…..I was emotional, teary-eyed and crabby. A great combo, right?

She told me when the same situation happens to her, she knows that she’s being guided to move forward with something new. A sign it’s time to rethink her current situation and make a change. Her discomfort, emotions, and crabbiness makes it almost mandatory to shift. WOW….when she mentioned that to me, I wondered if that too was happening in my life, and being crabby plus emotional, was the side effect of change knocking on my own door.


It made perfect sense to me, and felt I needed to reflect on my days, and determine what needed growth. It’s amazing how life throws a curve ball or two, but then provides opportunities to grow, and creates blessings of change. I do feel like the time is right for a metamorphose of sorts.

As I continue to look for clues, I’ll be prepared the next time I take hard left on a detour straight through Crabbytown, USA. I’m going to consider myself a lucky girl, then I’ll  buckle-up for a bumpy ride…….because change is gonna come.


I dare ya

I believe everyone was put on this earth with special gifts and talents that no one else can duplicate; making each of us, one-of-a-kind. Some may recognize this at an early age, while other’s lag far behind. For me….yep, you guessed it….. I was a lagger. Looking back, I believe mostly because I doubted I had anything to share, more special than the next person. What I didn’t realize until much later, we all possess something wonderful and great. Like me, I think many search for the answer to the burning question….”What was I put here to do?”

Does that sound familiar? If so, welcome to the club, and if not, you were blessed with recognizing your gifts….and give yourself a loud and proud, AMEN! I hope you are using those unique qualities to make a difference in the world (whether they are in a big or small way, they are needed); but if you’re still wondering, let’s get to work.

For me, this year is about stepping into the light. What I mean by that, is daring to use my gifts, and having the courage to let them shine. After-all, it would be a shame to waste what I have to offer for fear of: putting myself out there, failure, or being vulnerable. It’s our responsibility to uncover and use those gifts, to make the world a better place.

Let’s start tapping into our internal wisdom and guidance. Trust me, it’s in your heart, you just need to carefully excavate it. It starts with baby steps, and listening with your heart and soul. What are the things that come easy for you, and bring you joy? imageWhat did you love to do as a child? What makes you so happy, you can’t imagine not doing it? Start making a list, and let yourself feel and ask the question…..”What if?” What if, you let go and trusted your heart? What if, you had nothing to lose?

Come with me, challenge yourself in finding your gifts, then step into your light. The world needs what only you can provide; it’s your gift to the world. I dare ya not to waste what resides in your heart. Seek your truth, uncover your gold, dare to dream; what if. Then shine bright, my darling.


forty days and forty nights

A little more than two months ago, I stumbled across a video about the Power of I Am. Saying, “I Am” is what you believe to be true about self. You are inviting what you say about yourself into your life. If you say “I am unlucky” or “I am a failure,” you are inviting negative seeds into your heart. However, if you say, “I am blessed” or “I am worthy,” you are welcoming goodness and blessings into your life.

I’ve always thought of myself as a positive person, but once I heard the words within this video, I realized I was guilty of casting negative words upon myself. Then and there I decided to change those negative thoughts into positive ones by committing to meditation for forty days and forty nights on the Power of I Am.

I created a make-shift area dedicated to this special meditation, which consists of a few unused blankets, rug, pillow, and candle. It’s not fancy, but is my sacred space to acknowledge all that I want to bring into my life. Each morning, upon rising, I begin my daily ritual. The meditation consists of three parts: my words of gratitude, the “Yes I can” portion, and the third and final piece, the Power of I Am.


The forty days and forty nights have long past, but I continue with this special meditation practice. I can’t really put into words how different I feel, I just do. My days feels lighter, unexpected blessings appear, and I am worthy. I am strong, I am healthy, and I am whole. I am open to love, I am imperfectly perfect, and I am enough. You, my dear, are too! Embrace the Power of I Am and feel the difference in your heart.




Cocktails or Age?

Do you ever have those days when you think everything is going smoothly, but later learn, it just wasn’t so? Recently, I spent the day with two girlfriends, and in order to protect their identities from our lapse in judgement, I will refer to them as girlfriends one and two (GF1 and GF2). I am not sure if the outcome of the day was due to a few cocktails or our aging minds….HA!

GF1 and I were meeting for lunch and a little shopping, and GF2 would be joining us later in the afternoon. As GF1 and I finished our lunch and were handed the bill, we both pulled out our debit cards, only to realize they looked identical. We joked around about getting them mixed up, and handed the bill and our matching cards to the waiter, as I made my way to the ladies room. Upon my return, we each added tip, tallied the amount, settled up with the waiter, finished our cocktails, and departed to shop.

Shortly after, GF2 joined to make our threesome. As we meandered the street, going in and out of shops and admiring the beautiful day, amazingly enough, no one made a purchase. It was fun just walking and talking, taking in all the sites and sounds of the city. As we finished both sides of the street, we decided to stop off at an outdoor patio to quench our dry and thirsty pallets. Unfortunately, due to last minute obligations GF1 wasn’t able to join us; there were heartfelt hugs all around and away she went.

GF2 and I were seated at the best location on the patio, perfect for people watching while we enjoyed the weather, and the cocktail specials of the day. We took our time, ordered a cheese tray as we laughed about random topics. The waiter brought the bill, and we also joked about our debit cards looking identical, and how easily they could get mixed up. We paid, and went on our way.

The next morning I woke to notice I had gotten a text at 4:00Am from GF2, stating that somehow she had GF1’s debit card, which had been used for our outdoor patio adventure, and that I must posess her debit card. Which ultimately meant, if I had GF2’s card, then GF1 must have my card……WHAT THE? I laughed so hard tears were rolling down my cheeks ……..HOW ON EARTH DID THAT HAPPEN……LOL!

Both GF1 and GF2 had morning appointments, which meant I had to get this mess straighten out……pronto. As I dropped off and exchanged cards with GF2, we both belly laughed for several minutes. In a duplicate visit to GF1, we did the same. The thing that makes this situation so funny, both times we joked about the identical looking cards getting mixed up, and NOT ONE OF US checked our own cards!


Apparently, when GF1 and I were having lunch our cards got mixed up, and we must have signed each other’s bill with our own names. Then when GF2 and I were at the outdoor patio, GF1’s card was mixed up with GF2’s card, and my card was safe at home with GF1….FOR THE LOVE OF! Were the developments of the day due to cocktails or age? I am going with neither…….it must have just been a blunder of errors in the midst of our fun day to provide lots of laughter, and fun memories….RIGHT?


ps….Note to self: check your debit card often!

pss……We’re still laughing!