One, two, buckle my shoe

While my Mom was in the hospital, she developed major swelling in her legs and feet, and was unable to put on any of her current shoes. This posed a problem once released from the hospital. My sister and Dad ordered a pair during her stay, and paid more in guaranteed next day, holiday shipping fees than the actual cost of the shoes. As luck would have it, the shoes were a no-show.

We had to switch to plan B; which meant my sister and I took on the task of picking out, and purchasing a style that would work….pronto (since she came home earlier in the day). She needed some sort of shoe that had Velcro tabs that would adjust both for her swelling and shrinking feet.

Prior to shopping we had to maneuver those stinking, tight-as-ever, compression socks on her legs. By the time we both took several turns, all three of us were a ball of sweat, from both the struggle and the laughter. In the midst of the sock showdown, the doorbell rang, as my Dad ushered in our Pastor. He witnessed our antics and soon joined in on the laughter.

Shortly after the Pastor arrived, we headed off on our shoe adventure (both very tired from little sleep during the week). We arrived at our destination, parked and quickly walked into the store. Once we found the shoe department, there were hundreds of woman’s shoes, but nothing that would work. Just on the off-chance, we checked the men’s section, and WA-LA…..found the perfect solution. Houston…..we have a problem, they weren’t a very pretty shoe…..but our best option. The color also posed a problem…..they were a dull brown, and no way would we admit to her they were a man’s shoe…HA!

We left with our treasure; looking for the car. Ummm….where did we park? My sister looked back wondering why I wasn’t following her as she asked, “You coming, you coming, are you coming with me?” I blankly stare at the car she’s heading towards, thinking it didn’t really resemble Mom’s car. A passing gentlemen and his son claimed they didn’t see a thing, as we headed off in the opposite direction, laughing with them.

Found the car and away we went. Back at home, we proudly announced we were successful, however, reluctantly admitted the shoes weren’t really pretty. My mom responded, “Oh well, at least their a pretty color.” Well……not really, but their functional. She decided she could put a sporty ski pin on them to spruce them up…..LOL….no words. As we took them out of the box, realized the electronic price device was left on the shoe, since we needed the size on display….HA! Humor definitely helped my Mom in this painful situation. One, two, buckle my shoe…..what a day!


PS…..the prettier shoes arrived two days later


Operation Moscato

Recently, my Mom had a scheduled surgery planned that would require a few, to several days hospital stay. Knowing my mom, this just wasn’t going to fly. She was under the mindset of in-and-out the same day. Several family members took bets on her exact release date….HA! It was only a matter of time before it all went down.

While waiting in a room prior to surgery, my Dad, sister and I were sitting with her waiting for the surgeon to arrive. Once he explained the procedure and what to expect, Mom piped up about her going home the following day. The doctor said it wasn’t impossible, but he would have to access the situation, post-surgery. After all the questions were asked, my mom mentioned she baked him a loaf of a zucchini nut bread, and that he should eat it prior to surgery to give him extra stamina. OMG….we all laughed, as he left with loaf in hand. As a side note, she always brings home-baked bread, muffins, or cookies to all her doctor appointments; and always receives great service….haha.

Post surgery the doctor talked to us about her procedure and let us know it went well, and that he had enjoyed some of the bread prior to surgery….ha! After recovery we were led to her room by one of the nurses, and as we entered the room, she enthusiastically announced to my Dad, he must immediately go and buy a bottle of moscato wine for Julie, her recovery nurse. We tried to convince her they didn’t sell wine at the hospital, but we could pick it up later. However, she had other ideas, and we were to get it that moment. Just then the nurse walks in and asked if she was hungry and she replied, “I would love some tomato bisque soup, please”……really? My sister announced that her and I would pick up the moscato right then. I glanced over at the nurse, who wasn’t saying anything, and assured her the wine wasn’t for my Mom (she was very relieved….lol).

Once back from the store, we had to locate her recovery room nurse, Julie, and after being paged thought she was in trouble, only to find us with bottle in hand. She laughed and was so tickled that Mom thought of her. Apparently, she had Julie rolling with laughter during recovery. Every nurse we encountered loved Mom, and told us so.

She had all of us in stitches many times during her stay. At one point she announced it was a good thing she was catheterized or she’d be piddling all over the floor on her daily therapy rounds; circling the nurses station……no words! Ummm….Mom, that’s the purpose.

On one of her therapy rounds there were three police officers guarding the room next to hers, and after inquiring why there were at the hospital, one of the officers told her he was issuing her a speeding ticket for going too fast around the circle….lol. She had no idea there was a jail inmate in the next room until she was at home.

She ended up in the hospital longer than anticipated, but has since come home and is recovering as expected. Even though it was a stressful situation, being able to share laughs and create loving memories as a family, was priceless. I would have to admit, Operation Moscato was a total success.


PS….if you’re wondering……my sister and brother won the bet.

Duck, duck, goat

One of my girlfriends happens to be a meeting planner, and if you’ve ever been to one of her events, you’d know she runs a tight ship. This girl knows how to throw a party, and has everything covered from start to finish. Whenever I get an invitation to one of her events, I am confident it will be spectacular.

From time to time she likes to throw herself a birthday party, and I adore that she celebrates her life in the manner she does. She has no qualms making the day all about her, it’s what’s makes her special. This year was a milestone birthday, and she wanted her friends to celebrate with her. Actually, she declared 2017 was going to be all about her…….HA!

Long before the invitations were sent, she selected the venue (Duck, Duck, Goat), and after the RSVPs were secured, the detailed strategy began. Everything was special; from thoughtfully planning the menu, arranging her guests, determining table decor, and gathering keepsakes for her one-of-a-kind party favors.

She asked that no one bring gifts….and we all secretly laughed… that would ever happen! Once the day arrived she had gone ahead of everyone to place, organize, and ensure everything went according to plan. The guests arrived, and each person was blown away by her thoughtful detail. Cocktails soon occupied our hands.

As brunch began, each delicious course was beautifully prepared and served, while laughter and lively conversation filled the room. Every detail was planned with generosity and love. She made sure no one had an empty glass, had an expectation of five star service, and received it. The wait staff was well rewarded. She doesn’t expect anymore than she would do herself.

The Duck, Duck, Goat birthday celebration was memorable, fun, and delicious. My friend was humbled by everyone’s appreciation, as we were honored by her generosity. Thank you, my friend for your spark, friendship, love, and for filling my calendar in honor of your year….LOL. Trixiedoodle, here’s to 2017 and crazy adventures…..CHEERS!


Denny’s Blackhawks

Recently the Chicago Blackhawks wrapped up the regular hockey season; taking first in the central division. So, it only seems fitting to write a post about a recent game I attended. My dear friend Joanie invited me to a game, and I was all in.

If you’ve ever been to a Blackhawk’s game, you know exactly what I’m referring to; the experience is pretty amazing. From the jersey-wearing fans, hustle and bustle inside and outside the arena, the lights, and pre-game warm-up by both teams. Once the players are off the ice, the real hoopla begins.

Lights are dimmed, and the show starts by projecting clips of the Hawks scoring and making brilliant plays. The crowd cheers for every great move as the noise level raises higher and higher, in anticipation of the teams being announced, and then…..the national anthem. The crowd roars, knowing what’s about to unfold. It’s one of those traditions you won’t likely forget. The puck drops and the game gets underway.

The seats we occupied happened to be purchased by my friend’s late husband Denny. He hand-picked four seats, once the new stadium was built. He had been a long standing season ticket holder, and knew exactly where he wanted to sit in the new stadium. Denny was a huge Blackhawk’s fan, and his wife shortly followed suit.

While at the game we talked about Denny and his love of hockey. I asked questions how he picked the seats; which were spectacular by the way. I imagined Denny sitting in the seats year after year, cheering on his team, and memories of his life flooded in.

He would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.  One time a group of friends were celebrating the holidays and having brunch at the Walnut Room, in Chicago. He noticed a well-dressed elderly woman dining alone. He secretly called the waitress over and paid for her meal, never letting the woman know it was him. He wanted her to feel special and loved. Being thoughtful and generous was a normal, everyday occurrence.

Denny was a giant among men, he was smart, kind, and funny, but I will mostly remember him for being kind. He was a true gentleman that loved his wife, family, friends, hockey, golf, and Jimmy Buffett. Even though the team lost in OT that night, I will always be reminded they are Denny’s Blackhawks. Here’s to you, my friend.


PS…..thanks Joanie for the fun-filled evening and for the memories of a good man. He loved you so!