The city that never sleeps

I recently had the opportunity to spend roughly twenty-seven hours in New York City, New York. It’s been said to be the city that never sleeps, and I would totally have to agree. From the time we arrived until the time we said good-bye, the streets were full of people hustling and bustling about the city.

Our hotel was in the middle of Times Square, which made it simple to get around without hailing a cab or taking the subway. Unfortunately, rain gushed like water being poured out of buckets, and wouldn’t you know, all five of us girls forgot to bring umbrellas from our hotel rooms. We ended up staying much longer at lunch than we had anticipated since people outside, both with and without umbrellas were soaking wet just the same. Once the rain had settled into a manageable downpour, we stood in the doorway and jetted across the street as soon as the light signaled for the crowds to pass.

As wet people poured into the corner store, umbrellas and rain ponchos appeared to be flying out the door in record numbers. Since we all had umbrellas in our rooms, we opted for the ever-fashionable clear ponchos with big black letters, and a giant red heart on the back stating “I heart New York.” That, my friends, was our only option….LOL.

As we walked the streets in our new rain gear, hundreds of people were following suit. We happened to be in the theater district and even though we already had theater tickets for the musical Band Stand later that evening, decided to see if we could get matinee theater tickets, since the rain started coming down hard again. We were lucky enough to get third and fourth row seats for the musical Anastasia. I hadn’t heard anything about it, but was willing to take a chance. As it turns out it was spectacular, including the music, staging and costuming.

After the first musical, we walked about the city enjoying the sights and sounds of the theater district. Moving along with the crowd as they waited for famous people that were performing in the day’s shows. We always seemed to be at the wrong location, waiting for the wrong person…..haha. We never saw anyone famous, but it was fun being part of the anticipation and hoopla forming in the streets. At one point we thought we were waiting to see Josh Grobin and couldn’t understand why all these young girls were pushing and shoving to get up front, when in reality they were waiting for a teen idol, and we were right up front with them…….no words!

After running around the city all day, by the time we made it to our second musical, we were exhausted. The musical held no interest for any of my friends, including me. The storyline was confusing and it wasn’t as energetic and lively as we all thought it would be. Embarrassingly enough, I think all nodded off from time to time….ha!

As we headed into the crowded streets, we were just five friends making memories, in the city that never sleeps. We made the most of our time in the rainy weather. We will probably forget about the musicals, the food we ate, and the hotel we stayed at, but I’d place bets we will remember the little things such as buckets of pouring rain, the silly clear ponchos, and the laughter and friendship we shared. What memories are you creating?


Dining el fresco

Being near a large body of water always seem to calm my spirit and make my heart happy. I’m blessed to live close to one of the five great lakes, and often find myself drawn to the waves and blue shades of water, either gently lapping against the shore or crashing onto the rocks.

To celebrate a recent birthday, my children wanted to take me to lunch and as always, let the birthday girl pick the location. My first thought was somewhere near water, and with the late spring weather cooperating, dining outdoors was at the top of my list.

I decided to pick a place we’d never been, and started asking for recommendations. Once decided upon, put our plan in action. Since my son was working he would meet us at the restaurant. My daughter and I arrived and headed indoors to check in. Strangely enough, not one person was sitting on the patio enjoying the summer-like weather; everyone was sitting inside. We requested to dine outside and the host warned us there were no umbrellas; as my daughter looked at me and stated, “We came to sit outside, we’re sitting outside.” I agreed as he led us to the patio; we had the pick of any table.

While we waited for my son, we enjoyed the warm sunshine beaming down, and the lovely water view within yards of our table. The three of us had a leisurely lunch with no pending appointments or commitments to rush to. It was a glorious day spending time with my children talking and laughing about nothing in particular.

I love when they aren’t in a rush to leave, and seem to enjoy my company. My son has been looking to buy a home, so it’s only a matter of time before his life becomes busier. While my children are still nearby, I will treasure quality time together, and appreciate creating memories.

As it turns, out about thirty minutes into our lunch the patio starting filling up. Seemed like everyone had the same idea as we did; dining el fresco on such a beautiful day. Make time to enjoy the special as well as simple times together. They’ll create lasting memories for a lifetime.




Another year older

Recently I celebrated another birthday and had a wonderful day. I pampered myself with a spa appointment for a pedicure, my children spoiled me with flowers, gifts and lunch, and I spent the evening with friends. I’m not sure why I actually dread upcoming birthdays. Well…..perhaps I do, it means I’m another year older, and another year closer to wrinkles……and my own mortality. Instead, I should be celebrating the fact I am alive and well, with healthy children, and still able to spend time with both my parents. I’m thankful for each of these blessings.

Lately though, it feels like life is passing me by……actually zooming past. Seems like before I know it, the week has flown, and I am looking at another Monday. It’s hard to believe half of 2017 is practically just a memory; I need to slow my roll. Slowing down means I need to live in the present moment and not dwell in the past or rush into tomorrow. It doesn’t always come easy for me. I have to remind myself to be intentional about my day, thoughts and actions. How often are we on auto-pilot and can’t remember how we got there?

Meditation is one way I stay connected to the moment. It starts my morning off in a positive way, and I feel more centered and prepared to face the day. I dislike that I’ve been super lazy in the morning, and have been by-passing my morning meditation ritual in exchange for a few more minutes of rest. It’s time to get back to taking care of me, and with “bloom” being my word of the year, I often ask myself, “How will you bloom today?” I need to start asking that question in my morning meditation. Then I need to listen to what my heart is saying, and how it’s guiding my actions.

So, as another new year of life begins for me, I’m going to focus on my blessings, rather then my impending wrinkles, and being another year older. I’ve recently resumed my morning meditation practice, and am reminding myself that age is just a number……..after all, adventures await. Are you living intentional? Let’s do it together.


Bowl full of cherries

On a recent trip to the grocery store, I came across an item that appears once a year in the mid-west, even if only for a short window of opportunity……drum roll please…….the Rainier cherry! When I stumbled across the yellow and bright blush-red little gems, I stopped in my tracks, my eyes lit up, and I could hardly wait to get through the checkout line, run home, and gobble some down. Last year I missed the entire season; it was over before I realized… bummer. Another golden opportunity missed.

If I’m so fond of these cherries, and think about them every year, why haven’t I ever sought them out? Instead, I’ve only hoped to encounter them by sheer luck. Making it easy for me to reap the rewards without any effort or struggle.

I hate to admit that I let other opportunities come and go in my life, but I do; thinking there will be another chance. What opportunities are you missing or passing you by? Are you settling because what you really want is too much effort? Or is fear just holding you back? Seek what makes your heart sing.

Some say “Life is like a bowl full of cherries,” take advantage of all the little gems that come into your life. Some may be sweet, other times sour, and even though they have pits and may get bruised from time to time, their sweet juicy flavor leaves me wanting more. Go after your dreams, listen to your heart, and take a chance.


What are the odds

I have an upcoming girl’s adventure on the horizon, and it only seemed fitting to get a few new things to take on vacation. Since I am not a shopper by nature, I opted for the on-line variety. It all began a few months ago when I thought I would start the hunt early, in order to be prepared for my trip.

There are five gals going, as we all started shopping in preparation of blue waters and sunny skies ahead. One of the girls is a meeting planner by trade, and researches/books any additional excursions we take. She will send out updated itinerary information along with any comical happenings of her day.

One of the recent emails was describing how her and one of the other gals ended up ordering the same dress without knowing, only hers was in lovely shades of blue and the other ordered black. Hmmm….I thought, interesting since recently I had ordered two of the same dress, both a black and blue since I couldn’t decide; I’m a Gemini after all….LOL. The same day of the email, I came home to find a package waiting, and it indeed contained both the black and …..oh my gosh, lovely shades of blue dresses. It couldn’t be, could it?

Even though I realized, one of the girls and I regularly on-line shop at the same place, there’s no way we would have ordered the same dress with hundreds of options to choose from. In response to the email I wrote stating I too had order a black dress, and a lovely shades of blue dress. OMG… words after my friend described my dresses to a tee! We all laughed and laughed. How is that even possible? Yep, you guessed it, all three of us ordered the same dress!

One of the girls gave up her black dress and said she would save it for an upcoming event. So, it was down to two of us, and just recently the other girl gave me the all clear sign I could officially bring mine on the trip. She had found another dress she wanted to bring. Holy cow, score! Frankly, we could have worn them on different days, and no one would be the wiser.

This story has gotten a lot of miles, and plenty of laughter in my group of friends. It’s really hard to imagine that in all the dresses of the land, we could have chosen the same one. However, the story doesn’t quite end here……in another twist of fate, all three of us ordered the same pair of sandals……all in the same damn color! I ask you, what are the odds?