Anchors Aweigh

I recently returned from a girls get-away adventure. To be honest, it felt like it went by in a flash. Seems like a minute ago I was boarding the bigger than life cruise ship, for a transatlantic voyage from New York to Bermuda. It had been many years since I last boarded such a big vessel, and I must say it was one thousand percent different.

The ship had everything a person could dream of, or even imagine. Early each morning the day’s itinerary was slipped under the door. It was a four to five page document filled from corner to corner with all the day’s events and opportunities. It was overwhelming to say the least. There were several events every hour on the hour and most times it was impossible to decide. You literally could be doing an activity every minute of every day.

From bowling, to billiards, mini-golf, swimming, dance lessons, various contests, broadway and comedy shows, bingo, pin-ball, gambling, spa services….the list goes on and on. For dining options there are dozen’s of restaurants and gift shops of all sorts. There’s something for everyone.

What I liked most about the cruise was not having to worry about a thing. It was both relaxing and fun. Meeting new people and making lots of memories. One memory that stands out was during a martini tasting event. Everyone was given a flight of six mini martinis  to sample. Prior to tasting each one, the host provided information and facts that always ended in an opportunity to answer questions and win free stuff.

My group randomly ended up winning a majority of the questions. Wouldn’t you know the “free stuff” was additional flights of martinis…..which I might add, we didn’t need. We started handing them out to random people we thought would enjoy…….”please take ’em.” HA! At the end of the sampling a young couple chatted with us for a couple of hours, as we transitioned to the deck over-looking the beautiful blue ocean that surrounded us….talking and laughing about nothing in particular.

Up until this recent trip, I hadn’t really thought about going on another cruise. My girl’s adventure the high seas is sure to be a favorite memory of 2017. I’ll be happy to say anchor’s aweigh and bon voyage sometime again in the future.




Oh, Tillie

Growing up on a farm I’ve always loved animals. We had quite the assortment over the years from cows, to chickens, pigs, a horse, donkey, goats, and the typical cats and dogs. I was sad whenever we had to give them up for various reasons, but my heart broke when they had to be put down, or suddenly died. Our first family dog that I can remember, was a white and rust colored collie-mix; we called Tippy. She lived a good, long life until she was hit by a car; I think I cried for days.

With my children growing up on a farm, we also had an assortment of animals along with the normal dogs and barn cats. My daughter was as big of an animal lover as her mama, and tended to any new born litter of kittens like they were her own. We used to supplement the dry cat food with a hand prepared egg, cheese, bread and milk mixture. They would frantically gobble up.

When my daughter would have a sleepover at one of her friends or some other activity that would keep her away from the farm, she would instruct me to feed and play with the kittens. It always made me laugh how detailed her instructions were, even though I think I loved them as much as she did.

Once we moved from the farm she’s begged and pleaded over the years to get a cat or dog. I always told her no. I felt we weren’t home enough to give the animal it’s much needed attention. So she settled for hermit crabs, fish and a turtle she called Nitro….LOL.

Her junior year as a college student she brought one of the farm kittens to school over winter term and hid Weazy in her dorm room. Weazy kept her company for those three weeks, and was never discovered….ha!

Recently, she started begging to get a cat again. Most of her friends have moved out of the area and claimed if I let her have a kitten, she wouldn’t feel so lonely……no words. In a weak moment she made it sound so easy and somehow when I wasn’t expecting it, I actually thought about saying yes. Well, let’s just say she jumped on the opportunity and within a few days had her sights on one.

She spent a few hours getting to know the kitten. It was originally spoken for, but the owner didn’t think the people were a suitable match, and decided she wanted Hannah to care for it. She was able to keep it over the weekend to see if it was a good fit for our family.

The day Hannah brought home the kitten, it was very upset and meowing loudly as she entered through the door. With recent flooding in the area, the owner had asked Hannah to help her rescue the animals. After they were safe, Hannah bathed all five kittens. You can imagine the fear and irritation the kitten felt from the flooding, bath, being put in a cage, then the car ride.

Within a very short time, Tillie, the mostly white, with speckles of orange-ish tan fluff ball, stole my heart. Her personality is sweet and sassy, and I often find myself laughing out loud at her antics. She gets crabby when she’s tired, and very frisky when she’s not. She purrs often and loves to cuddle when she is ready for bed.

As you may have guessed, her weekend stay turned into a forever home. Even though my daughter claims our new addition is just what she needed…..Oh, Tillie, I think you might have been just what I needed too. Be still my heart.


PS… I was typing this post, Tillie was chasing a pink ball with a bell inside, around the living room, dining room and kitchen…..she’s hilarious to watch. I swear I can’t get anything done!


Sunshine and Bubbles

Recently, a girlfriend and I decided to go for an impromptu late breakfast, and ended up at a cute little outdoor place we could enjoy the beautiful summer morning. One of the specials of the day was listed on the menu as Sunshine and Bubbles. The name alone got our attention.

For some reason, I am one of those girl that seems to be given nicknames, and throughout my life I’ve had many. Some of which I don’t think I’ll ever lose. Take for example my family nickname of Buzzy, I’ve had that name since I was a small child. When I was a baby and toddler, my hair stood straight up by its ends….LOL. Yep, I looked like I just received an electric shock of sorts. My family and close friends still call me Buzzy. As a funny side note, both of my children inherited the electrical shock look as babies too…..HA!

I also remember when my sister and I were young girls we were called Pixie and Dixie after Mom asked her hair stylist to give us short pixie cuts, which we both hated. In grade school I hung out with two other girls, and the three of us were inseparable. Our teacher nicknamed us the three stooges, and I was Larry. Even though we didn’t do anything really naughty, we probably chatted and laughed a lot. I remember my Mom and Dad learning about the nickname at a parent/teacher conference in sixth grade, and left a note in my desk that began: Dear Lawrence.

In high school one of my classmates and varsity football player dubbed me Bubbles. He said it was because of my sparkling personality. It was fun being called Bubbles, even though people thought it sounded like a strippers name….LOL. Bubbles followed me into my college years, and my best girlfriend and a few random people still call me Bubbles today.

About ten years ago, I was invited to a girls weekend and birthday celebration for one of my best friends, and she had shirts made for a bowling event. Since she knew I liked the color pink, my brightly colored fuchsia pink bowling shirt was embroidered with the nickname of Pinki in black piping. The group of girls still call me Pinki today. As another side note other nicknames of my fellow bowlers also embroidered in black piping included: Trixie, Lainey, Frenchie, Poodle, Babs, Kelly-girl and Flo…….haha.

Another random nick name given to me by a friend was Sunshine. They told me I always spread sunshine wherever I go. So, when I saw Sunshine and Bubbles on the menu, my eyes were drawn right to it. My girlfriend and I each ordered one, and toasted to our life-long friendship. What fun nicknames do you have or do you call your friends and family? I bet they each hold memories no matter how the name came to be.

xoxox…..Sheryl (aka: Buzzy, Bubbles, Pinki and Sunshine)

It’s all good

It’s All Good is a local coffee shop in my area, and has to be the cutest place in town. I’m a regular customer, whether it’s meeting a friend for coffee, working on my latest blog post or project while my daughter studies, or brainstorming over the next workshop. It kind of feels like home.

The name reminds me that no matter what’s going on in my world…….it’s all good. I am exactly where I am supposed to be at this moment in my life. I’m a firm believer that all things happen for a reason. People and circumstances come in and out of our lives for a purpose. Some may stay for a lifetime, while others are here for just a lingering moment or season. Some experiences are painful and others joyful; maybe to learn a lesson, or to experience something needed at the time. I’m guessing it’s to move us forward in our lives.

When looking back on my own difficult times, they always seem to teach me something valuable. I try to remind myself that it’s not for me to understand why, but to trust that things are as they should be.

What challenges or joys do you currently have in your life? Have you recently gone through a tough period and are decidely better off on the other side of the pain? Or do you feel like you are still in the midst of chaos and heartache? Sometimes it feels like things won’t ever get back to normal, but they always do, sooner or later. It may not be the desired outcome, but it’s the outcome needed.

Whatever the circumstance, being still and listening to my heart always seems to help. I find a quiet spot, free from distraction and noise. Usually, first thing in the morning or last thing at night. If that doesn’t work, I find myself connecting whenever I can. Then I listen to what my heart is saying, and guiding my next steps.

Be still, listen with your heart…..then be open to receive any message or blessing. Be vunerable, and stay open; trust your internal guidance, because…’s all good.