My name is Sheryl and I have secretly wanted to start a blog since 2011, but life got in the way.  I am a single mother of two kids in their early twenties “gasp”; one is in college and the other is in the workforce.

I am a mid-west farmer’s daughter (and a daddy’s girl) that left the corporate world to raise my children, with no regrets.  Only to end up back in the corporate world as the sole provider; after all, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Being a mother, often means you no longer have an identity, but are regularly known as Andrew and Hannah’s mom, well at least until high school graduation. Being almost an empty-nester…..dang that sounds old……I decided it was time for me to fly.  This blog is about my journey back to me, hoping to inspire some along the way, while getting to know each other, and having a little fun together.