Crystal healing

I’ve been interested in learning about crystals for a few years now and recently had the opportunity to take an intro to crystals class. I’ve read articles and heard over the years about the healing powers they hold. I’ve also read the validity has to do with your own experiences. It takes someone a conscious effort to open the mind and their heart to the power of crystal healing.

There are more than 4500 different crystals and constantly discovering new ones. They are made up of energy and said to help balance the body. They come in every color, shape and size; can be in raw form or tumbled and smooth. The class focused on the instructor’s five “must have” crystals. They are said to have individual healing powers.

Citrine’s energy is sunny, happy and creative. Reach for this stone if you’re feeling down or need to clear up a creative block. It also has the energy of abundance and prosperity.

Rose Quartz’s energy is calming, gentle and compassionate. It’s a stone of love and great to have around. Reach for this stone if you want to feel or offer love and compassion.

Green Aventurine’s energy is all about the vitality of anything, such as: health, growth, finances, confidence, and friends. It’s a common healing stone and a go-to stone for ailments.

Amethyst’s energy is that of protection and purification. It’s also know to enhance intuition and is said to help the release of addictions. Reach for this stone to help with sleep, to enhance with intuition and give the feeling of peace.

Smokey Quartz’s energy is grounding. It deflects negative energy and emits high levels of powerful positive energy. Reach for this stone to help with a sense of security and to reduce stress.

The instructor also talked about Clear Quartz as a stone that amplifies any other stone, when put together. I certainly have a lot more to learn about crystals, but whether you believe in crystal healing powers or not, it was certainly an interesting afternoon learning a few things about these mystical stones. As a side note, I haven’t noticed anything different at the time I’m writing this post, but rest assured I’ll be on the look-out. After all, who couldn’t use a little more positive energy in their life?


PS….the instructor also mentioned not to have more than 3 crystals together at one time. Apparently, it’s all kind of crazy energy mixing together….ha!

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