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As a young girl my Mom used to take me, my brothers and sister to the yearly rock, crystal and gem show at a local church in the area. All four kids liked to explore, wander and pick out our favorite colored gems, rocks or crystals. I’m pretty sure mine were always sparkly in nature. Over the past couple years my interest has been growing in regard to crystals and their healing properties.

Last week, a friend had mentioned an upcoming class she would be taking on crystals in the area and I immediately looked into signing up. After reading about the contents and outcomes, I signed up as well. The name alone intrigued me, Crystal Grid. It was about setting intentions for the New Year.

Upon entering the event we grabbed a yoga mat and a place on the floor. The instructor starting placing items in from our mats. First a candle, 3×5 card, a pen and a small journal. As we all settled in the class began. She took us on a short meditation and on a journey of walking on a path along a river’s edge. There was a raft waiting and along the banks of the river where dozens of boxes were along the shoreline that represented your past. Each box carried something you wanted to let go of like doubt and fear.

As we each gathered our own boxes and loaded them on our own raft, we were letting go of what didn’t serve us any longer. Once we let go of those things, it was time to cast a new light on the possibilities for the New Year. To reinforce and set our intentions we would also build a crystal grid.

The instructor presented us with bag that included a paper grid and several crystals. One by one she named each crystal and its healing properties. The crystals included; Clear Quartz to amplify the energy of the other stones, Amazonite for new beginnings, hopes and dreams, Citrine to manifest your dreams, increase positivity and abundance and Tiger’s Eye for finding personal power, motivation of goals and creativity.

Each woman created their own grid on what felt right in her heart. Everyone was focused on their own crystal grid and intentions for the year. What an amazing afternoon spent learning something new, building a beautiful crystal grid and connecting with new friends. I’d say my on the grid day was special and memorable. I’m excited to learn more about the healing power of crystals…..stay tuned.


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  1. I was intrigues from your story of Crystals and many ways to start anew and let go of ones you know longer needed and a fresh start of something new and exciting. Kate!

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