Own Your 18

Recently, I had the opportunity to host a workshop with three life coach colleagues. We formed a support group of sorts just over two years ago at the start of 2016. We affectionately named our group My Sweet Sixteen…..ha! It was a mastermind group of like-minded woman supporting and holding each other up as well as being accountable to each other for moving forward in our lives. The first year we saw each other on regular basis, but due to schedules last year was much less.

We always knew one day we would come together as a group. We didn’t know how it would look, we just knew in our hearts it would happen. Last November we got together for dinner and a quick check-in of what was going on since we saw each other last. What happened next was four women talking non-stop, trying to fit everything in….LOL. So many ideas were flying around the table and somehow, before we left, had a plan to kick off the new year with an Own Your ’18 workshop.

It came together relatively easy, which lead us to believe it was meant to happen. We didn’t have much time to plan with the holidays thrown in for good measure, but whenever we met, we made great use of our time. Everyone had tasks to accomplish while we held each other up in support and assistance if needed.

A week before the event it was sold out….holy cow! All woman and one brave man. The day of the event, everything came together as people started filling the space. We had three walk-ins we hadn’t expected, but planned for extras just in case.

We hoped the participants would create clear and focused intentions for the year, discover their word as a visual reminder, feel motivated to draft an action plan, learn to incorporate reflective practices, commit to following their path with courage, love and power and leave with inspired energy to own their year.

The day was a wonderful reminder of my own path and helping women connect to their hearts. The best part of any workshop is when people share their stories and hearts. Making new friends and connecting with each other is another wonderful outcome. They are so many people that want to share their gifts and talents but don’t know where to begin.

Small baby steps to your dreams will add up before you know it. There’s time to make this year the best year yet. Listen to your heart, commit, stand in your power and prepare to leap. Ready, set….FLY! Own Your 18.



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  1. What a wonderful way to start a new venture and move forward with great and sometimes new friends. Great start! Kate!

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