The Perfect End

Gosh, it’s hard to believe another year has flown by. Seems like just yesterday when 2017 was being ushered in, but now just like that….POOF, it’s gone.

This past weekend I spent in the city celebrating with four of my girlfriends. We had plans that kept us busy doing one thing or another. The weather was unseasonably cold, which made it a bit difficult to move about the city with ease.

New Year’s Eve we had plans of dining out at a trendy restaurant, then would head back to our hotel for new year festivities that included drinks, music, dancing and fireworks.

Our rooms were located on the lakeside of the building, but with the tall skyscrapers in view, we pre-determined we wouldn’t be able to see the fireworks from our rooms.

After we returned from a wonderful meal, the hotel was alive with activity, groups of people celebrating, laughing, dancing and having a great time. The crowd was made up all all ages and it was so mobbed, we decided to wait until it got closer to midnight before coming back down.

Towards midnight, we raised our glasses, counted down, and toasted to the new year and our continued blessings and friendships. As we started to head out the door to join the crowd eighteen floors below, on a whim, I suggested to make sure we couldn’t see the fireworks from our bedrooms.

Oh my gosh……we stepped into one of the rooms and had the absolute perfect view of the fireworks display. It was beautiful and sparkly, right in front of us. I don’t think we could have had a better view from anywhere else. It was bitter cold outside, but we were cozy and comfortable, watching the magic of the moment. Oh, how lucky and blessed we felt.

As I reflect on the past year, it was significant in so many ways. I’m grateful for the experiences I had, the people I met, the places I went and the love and friendship I shared with many. It was the perfect end to 2017. Wishing you and yours a remarkable, shiny new year filled with adventure, wonder and peace.


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  1. What a wonderful ending to 2017 and looks like it ended on a high note. May your New Year 2018 bring lots of wonderful thing. God Bless! Kate!

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